Hello, Happy New Year and Welcome to our new site.  It is our privilege to have this platform to communicate with you.  We hope this is a place that you will visit often to check in and browse our site for exciting updates such as new healthy eating recipes, blog entries, wellness articles and  sign up for yoga and fitness classes in our latest  Zoom Wellness Series’.  

These days, most of us have been feeling like we are deprived of human contact.  We have been isolated from our families and people that are dear to us and when we are around others, we are keeping our distance and/or wearing a mask.  Life is not as we knew it and things do not seem to be changing in the foreseeable future.  In times like these, it seems the only logical thing to do is go with the flow.  

As we are not still not able to have our sessions in person in 2021, we are devoted to continuing to offer them to you in the comfort of your own home.  Through Zoom, we have been successful with keeping the feeling of community in our programs.  The routine and familiarity of friendly smiling faces has kept us all tuned it and motivated.  

I look forward with enthusiasm to seeing you on Zoom and to hearing from you all.  Your input is important to us.  Your wellness is important to us.  Cheers to a new beginning!


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