How I Got Here…

When I began working at the Roseland Library in March of 2011 I never imagined that this is what I would be doing today.  I began as a part time employee with no library experience.  Most of my work experience was corporate.  I was familiar with programs like Microsoft Office and I was comfortable navigating the web and social media, so I was hired to teach classes to assist people who were either job seeking and needed to learn these skills or those who were simply just interested.  

At the time I was hired, my children were in elementary school and I was a very busy mom.  My boys were active in sports and school activities and I was active volunteering in all of the above while chairing the Home and School Board.  I was able to take a break from working to do this as the most important job to me was raising my two boys and I wanted to be there for everything.  

As all of this was wonderful it kept me so busy that, as many parents can relate, I was last on the list.  Having this opportunity to work at the Roseland Library was something that I needed and didn’t even know how much I needed it.  I truly loved meeting new people and helping people.  I realized how much the patrons appreciated what we were doing at the library and that inspired me.  

I was not very healthy at the time, but I did not know it.  I was 30 pounds overweight, was not eating healthy or taking proper care of myself, I was often in pain and uncomfortable but learned to deal with it.  I had little energy and every task in front of me felt strenuous.  I began to accept  this as my normal, this is how you are supposed to feel, right?  So wrong!

I eventually realized this was absolutely not the way I was supposed to feel and I began seeking wellness.  I read many books on how to heal your life and I attended any lecture or mini series I could find in my area on the subject.  I learned about mindfulness and the power we all hold inside of us.  I started to move more when I didn’t have to.  It was arduous at first, but I kept doing it.  I tried many different eating plans and continued to stay the same or sometimes even gain weight.  I was frustrated and very insecure. 

Today, I have a different roll at the library as the library’s Health and
Wellness Coordinator.  I am the one who has the privilege to bring all things wellness to you.  I am healthy and I have more energy than I have had in 20 years.  I am 25 pounds lighter than I was and I am working toward my goal and it is all by living a healthy lifestyle.  Clean eating, being mindful and moving as much as I can.    

This blog is about my journey to get here.  It did not come easily, but with great rewards physically, mentally and spiritually.  I hope that you will read about it and possibly share it with someone that you think might need to read it.  I hope it will encourage and inspire.  I am excited to share more of my story with you.  See you soon!!

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