Post Holiday Blues?

Does anyone out there hear me on this one?  Feeling stuck?  The holidays are a very busy and emotionally intense time for a lot of people and this year was no exception, but definitely a different experience.   Many of us saw our families and friends virtually as they were not able to travel and most gatherings were reduced to a fraction of what they have been in years past.  Although the malls were not as busy buzzing with frantic shoppers, and we weren’t attending things like school holiday concerts  or our company holiday parties much like the rest of the year, most of us kept the traditions we could strong. 

Now here we are.  It’s a new year.  Things are not exactly quiet and there isn’t much change in the past 10 days other than we have less to do than we did between Thanksgiving and New  Years Day but some of us may be feeling a loss.  Loss of the high point of excitement of the season, like the preparation for the holiday activities or the smells of the delicious foods and decadent sweets that surrounded you, the holiday music and decorations,  the joy, the closeness of loved ones, etc.  

So, how can we turn this around?  One way is to keep in touch with our friends and family who we don’t see on a regular basis with a phone call, rather than a text. Try a new healthy recipe that will boost your energy (visit our recipes tab to get some ideas), bundle up and go outside and enjoy the fresh air that we have an unlimited supply of, try a new exercise routine (our new Virtual Winter Wellness Series that starts today, 1/11/21).  You can also visit us at the library to browse (masks required at all times) or call us if you prefer our curbside service to check out or request a new book to get lost in or inspire you.   

Let’s move forward together.  Your wellness is our number one priority.

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